Introducing Swiss Made 1964 Fake Rolex Datejust Ref. 1601 UK In 18k Yellow Gold

Gold or not to gold – that is the question. Gold replica watches (the color metal yellow and pink varieties) always create a divide between people who only go for gold pieces or absolutely avoid gold altogether. I have been the latter for many years. Strangely enough, preferences change, just like flavors you used to hate as a child becoming a must when you’re an adult. For some reason, I’ve started to appreciate the beauty of a gold watch in the last few years.

A vintage gold watch I feel is an easier entry into the world of gold fake watches. It tends to glow in this beautiful softer and warmer way because of the patina which has developed over time. And this AAA perfect replica Rolex Datejust ref. 1601 is the epitome of a welcoming vintage gold piece. At first glance, it’s easy to mistake it for a Day-Date ref. 1803, especially because of the all-gold appearance with the fluted bezel. But upon a closer inspection, it has a more streamlined appearance without the calendar window at the top. And a best UK sale fake Rolex Datejust replica in 18k gold is far rarer than a Day-Date.

This one has a classic sunburst champagne dial and is fitted with my favorite alpha hands. Alpha hands are not a popular hand style today and that’s why I love them; a little fancier and a little more vintage. For this gold Rolex Datejust replica, it makes it more approachable on a strap than full gold bracelet, which can be a bit too much (and too heavy at the same time). This is when you can add your personality with your strap choice. It’s all in the details and it’s this understated glamour that I’m drawn to.