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Rolex has landed the number one spot on this year’s Reputation Institute’s annual 2016 rankings, up from number 4 in 2015. B&T Magazine, an Australian-based B2B marketing and advertising publication, broke the news today. What was perhaps just as newsworthy was the magazine’s choice of words, describing the Geneva-based watchmaker as “prohibitively expensive”. For B&T readers, we doubt it, but cheap Rolex watches UK ok.

The Rolex logo is seen outside of a shop in Warsaw March 6, 2011.  REUTERS/Kacper Pempel
The Rolex logo is seen outside of a shop in Warsaw March 6, 2011. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

The rankings are compiled after surveying over 60,000 people from 15 different countries on each business’ public perception. Each brand is judged on seven categories including: product, innovation, leadership, performance, citizenship, workplace and governance. Notable absentees from the list include Facebook, which didn’t even manage to crack this year’s top 100 and Volkswagen, which plummeted over 100 places after the emissions scandal in 2015.
The top 10 for 2016 in descending order were:
10) Apple. The apple continues to fall further and further from the top of the tree, dropping from 8 in 2015, and 7 in 2014.
9) Sony. Enjoying worldwide acclaim, Sony was judged in the top 10 in 10 of the 15 countries surveyed.
8) Canon. The camera giant is favoured and loved by Europeans, Africans and in the Middle East.
7) Microsoft. Wasn’t even in the top 100 last year! Microsoft is back big time.
6) Lego. B&T claim Lego is “the most profitable business in the world” and ranked number one in four major areas.
5) Daimler/Mercedes Benz. Down from number 3 in 2015.
4) BMW. Ouch. The winner in 2015, failing to make the podium in 2016.
3) Google. Who could resist the beanbags and the climbing walls at the Google Workplace?
2) The Walt Disney Company. Apparently only missed number one by this much.
1) Rolex green dial replica watches. Up from fourth in 2015. It was clearly our support of the Everose Yacht-Master 116655, launched at Basel 2015 that did it.

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My Most Treasured Fake Watches:Replica Rolex Daytona 6263

-Introducing a new interview feature, in which asks prominent figures in the replica watches industry about the fake watches they would never part with. Up first is Watch Club co-founder and expert Rolex replica watches.

Replica Rolex Daytona 6263 watchesThe “Pizzigoni” name has been embedded in London’s vintage replica watches scene for four decades, since Parma native Giuseppe Pizzigoni, then working in the restaurant trade like so many Italian immigrants, realised what a rich seam the capital was for watches to sell back to the booming market in his homeland. Roaming the stalls and shops of Portobello and Bermondsey to find undervalued classics, he built up a major clientele – and it wasn’t long before his teenage son Danny got the bug too.

“I’d follow my father around, and I got hungry for it myself and started making a name for myself,” says Danny. It paid off: at 44, he is the co-owner of Mayfair’s Watch Club, one of the most influential vintage dealerships in London, and counts celebrities and international collectors on his client books. But it was on a trip to Yeovil, aged 17, that he first came across the Replica Rolex Daytona watches that now means the most to him.

“Dad knew about this chap down there with a Daytona to sell. It was the first time I’d seen such a nice 6263, and I was so struck by all the literature and packaging that came with it – it was full box and papers, and I still remember that mothball smell. We talked about it all the way home.”

Replica Rolex Daytona 6263
fake Rolex Daytona watches sale

The watch was snapped up, and – Danny assumed – sold on. “When I turned 40 in 2011, we celebrated in Italy, and my dad gave me this box with a 6263 in it. I looked at it, and said ‘Is it the Yeovil one?’ It was. He’d kept it for me all those years.”

Dating from 1985, the cheap replica watches uk is relatively late in the 6263 lineage (the reference ceased in 1987 after 16 years), but is the embodiment of vintage, pre-Zenith Daytona style.

“Dad also gave me a Zenith Daytona for my 21st which I still wear all the time, but I do prefer the earlier style of the 6263,” Danny says. “The contrast colours, the fonts, the domed plexiglass – it’s iconic, and it’s tied to an era of design which can’t be bettered.”