How Swiss Made Replica Rolex Became The World’s Top Luxury Watch Brand

It’s always interesting to see how the mainstream media covers the watch industry, observing it from the ivory tower that houses the enlightened consumers of this very ‘sletter.

Lately, the reporting has focused on the twin phenomena of best replica Rolex’s (and Patek’s) un-getability, combined with how it could’ve gotten that way (it’s all very circular and reinforcing).

As we’ve no doubt chronicled in these pages before, it’s got something to do with luxury Rolex replica pivoting from a maker of tool replica watches to a maker of luxury watches sometime after the quartz crisis began in 1970. Business Insider adds some, well, inside info to explain how this all happened:

“When [Rolex founder Hans] Wilsdorf died in 1960, he was succeeded by Swiss made fake Rolex’s marketing director, André Heiniger, who spearheaded the decades-long effort to secure the brand’s synonymity with luxury.

‘Rolex,’ Heiniger reportedly said, ‘is not in the watch business. We are in the luxury business.’”

From then on, AAA perfect UK sale replica Rolex went scorched earth with advertising, snagging movie placements, sponsoring every sports event on the planet, Roger Federer. The article also explores the impact of Italian collectors in creating the vintage fake Rolex market. But the point is AAA Swiss movement replica Rolex became a well-oiled advertising machine, creating the perception that it was the thing to have when you made it.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. AAA high-quality fake Rolex clearly has a sh/t ton of money to invest in product and R&D too, so I don’t want to draw a false dichotomy. Innovations like its chronergy escapement are true steps forward for modern mechanical watchmaking. But it’s just a different business from being the maker of moderately-priced tool watches it was in the mid-20th century.

I was talking to the founder of Glasgow-based AnOrdain this week for another project, and he emphasized the fact that his company spends nothing on advertising and marketing. Everything goes into workshops, machinery, people, training, etc. Investing in the product, in other words. And that’s why AnOrdain is totally disrupting the market for enamel dials and creating one of the most exciting products in all of watches, regardless of price point.

Listen, I love a good marketing campaign as much as the next capitalist, but at the end of the day, it’s the watches that keep me coming back. The brands that I find most interesting are the ones trying new things, investing in their product and people.

If UK high-quality replica Rolex became the “world’s top luxury watch brand” by investing in product, as Business Insider suggests, no doubt the next great luxury watch brand is doing the same today.