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2016 Basel international clocks jewelry show, rolex has released some interesting new, including the much-anticipated with black ceramic bezel Rolex Daytona Fake Watches and my favorite new rolex Datejust 41.Rolex is now the most advanced rolex Datejust provides some classical style, with Green seal watch and the feelings restoring ancient ways will be a back to the modern, you must ask, Green seal is?This is rolex new internal authentication unofficial formal title, but most people will only to be simply interpreted as “observatory certification”.

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Let me take the time to talk about rolex Green Seal and rolex Datejust 41 of the 3235 Movement Rolex Replica Watches.In February, aBlogtoWatch as “rolex official statement, it will launch a new – 2 / + 2 precision threshold and five-year warranty movement” and the debate.Rolex more or less to make it the history of the term “observatory certification” have more meaning, and the internal certification process for rolex Green Seal symbol table has appreciated in value.Reasonable?

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Type 235 movement and use in the Cheap Copy New Rolex Watches UK Day last year – the Date on 40 3255 type movement are very similar.In fact, rolex Datejust 41 update and improve and rolex Day – the Date of 40 “President” table of improvement.However, if you want a rolex Day – the Date only 40, you can choose only precious metal case now, and the launch of rolex Datejust 41 as double color model, only 40 rolex Day – the Date a third of the price, this is a watch.